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    Evan Suiter

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    485 Florida Rd. #C12  Durango, CO 81301  








    "Union Five revel in tradition, the tradition of jazz, blues, soul and        rhythm and blues and they blend it all together in a timeless mix that is one part funky retro, one part up town jazz club band and one part underground blues club best kept secret." - A&R Factory.com

    "Their sound is a unique, textural and dynamic blend of jazz and funk music, with a pleasantly retro vibe and a really unique approach to melody." -bandcampdiaries.com


Site Bio:

    Union Five focuses on performing a catchy blend of instrumental funk, soul and R&B with a warm retro feel.

Hailing from the mountains of Colorado, the group set out to merge engaging melodies with infectious grooves and great hooks.


    The group just released a self-titled debut album earlier in April 2018. The sound of their music has a charming vintage feel, and the recordings of the band highlight the natural dynamics and synergy between them. Their tunes can be compared to the work of artists as diverse as Big Mean Sound Machine, Vulfpeck, and Lettuce, just to mention a few.

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